All About Shoes: Saucony

August 7, 2017 Shoes


At Saucony, we exist for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, force us to be better. They drive our design and engineering. They keep us competitive. They keep us hungry. They keep us honest.

Whether it’s in a conference room or out on a lunchtime run, we’re constantly talking about and arguing about our sport, runners and the products that fuel them. We love our products and we run in everything we make.

This focus and passion fuels us as we strive to create the best running shoes and apparel on the planet. We leave work each day knowing we’ve done everything to make runners’ lives just a little bit better.

At Saucony, a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.

Founded just two years after the first Olympic marathon and one year after the Boston marathon, we’ve got running in our blood.

In 1898, four young businessmen opened the Saucony Shoe Manufacturing Company in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The company began as a partnership between William A. Donnoyer, Thomas S. Levan, Walter C. C. Snyder and Benjamin F. Reider.

By 1910, they were turning out 800 pairs of shoes a day from their 2-storey brick factory on the Saucony Creek. That’s a lot of shoes.

The word Saucony comes from the Lenni Lenape Native American word “saconk,” meaning “where two rivers run together. Inspired by the original location on the Saucony Creek, our logo represents a running river marked by three boulders.

Throughout the early and mid 1900’s, running became the focus of serious athletes.

At the time, there weren’t any high-performance running shoes. People were running in leather, spikes, and even barefoot.

Saucony was determined to make a shoe that could change the way people run.

In 1972, an American man named Frank Shorter won the Gold in the Olympic marathon, igniting a running frenzy in the US and beyond.

In 1977, our shoes were awarded “Best Quality” in Consumer Reports magazine.

Saucony quickly went from the serious runners’ best kept secret to the most sought-after running shoe of the time.

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Incontinence Products – Stylish, Comfortable & Protective Underwear

June 5, 2017 Fashion


Looking for reliable protection from embarrassing leaks, odours and period stains? Feeling a little overwhelmed and depressed by hideous incontinence products, unattractive period panties and dysfunctional nursing tops? We’ve got some great news for you!

Modibodi Voucher Codes is the comfortable and stylish range of absorbent, stain and odour resistant women’s underwear you can rely on to keep you fresh and dry every day.

With cutting edge discreet, patented fibre technology developed right here in Australia, Modibodi’s light bladder leakage and period underwear will make you feel gorgeous and confident, while saving you from the embarrassment of: light bladder leakage caused by sneezing, laughing or bouncing, unsightly period stains on your clothes every month,  smelly odours resulting from sweaty exercise or everyday exertion, milk-soaked breastfeeding tops, being caught with your pants down with thick, bulging incontinence pads and enormous, ugly undies!

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All About Fashion: Ally Fashion

May 27, 2017 Fashion


Since establishing in 2011 , Ally has become a household name in the Australian fashion industry,  with a large portfolio of bricks and morter store locations and a thriving online store shipping world wide. With a continual  plan to grow expansively in the coming years, Ally’s spread continues. With over  50 new styles arriving per week , Ally has  become well in demand and the destination for women who can transcend the fashion’s boundaries – defying the trends and creating her own.

At Ally Fashion we know fashion and we know you love fashion ! So we regularly scour the high streets and the globe to provide you with fresh outfit inspiration to make sure you feel as if the world is your own personal catwalk.

With this in mind, we pride ourselves on our value without compromising the quality of our products . Customer satisfaction is our upmost focus and an area at Ally Fashion we consistently strive for. As an ongoing commitment to our future growth and success, we are always looking out for new opportunities and ways to stay in the forefront of our market. Your feedback about our product and services is highly valued as we ultimately want to give you the best retail experience possible. We also welcome new business opportunities.

Ally will continue to conquer the fashion world throughout this year and into the future. Receive all new All Fashion Voucher Codes from our site here: All Fashion Voucher Codes

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